Friday 25th April, 2014

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  • Canberra form guide

    Canberra form guide – Zeg’s View.

  • AEC announces result of WA Senate recount – Greens’ Scott Ludlam wins 6th spot

    The Australian Electoral Commission today announced the result of the WA Senate recount, with the Palmer United Party and the ALP losing to the Greens and the Australian Sports Party.

  • Kevin Rudd saved 25 seats, ALP national secretary says

    By changing Leaders back to Kevin Rudd, Labor did cauterise its potential losses, ALP national secretary George Wright told the National Press Club today.

  • New leadership needed to save Tasmania, PM Abbott says

    All too often, particularly here in Tasmania, we have programmed ourselves to fail, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today.

  • Correlation, causation or a carbon tax con-job?

    It is clear that CO2 fails all tests as the controller of global temperatures. Other factors such as solar cycles, clouds and oceans have much bigger impact, Viv Forbes argues.

  • AEC authorises first funding payment for 2013 election – $56.3m to parties and candidates

    The Australian Electoral Commission has authorised the first payment of election funding to political parties and candidates for votes received at the 2013 federal election.

  • Abbott announces review of indigenous training and employment

    In line with the Coalition’s election commitment, PM Tony Abbott today announced that the Government has commissioned a review of indigenous training and employment programmes.

  • AEC UPDATES: Status of WA Senate recount appeals

    Australian Electoral Commission updates on the Senate recount appeals.

  • Time for Labor to move on from same-sex marriage issue – ACL

    The Australian Christian Lobby said it would be a mistake for the Labor Party to lock its MPs into supporting same-sex marriage when voters are looking to both sides of politics to move on from the issue.

  • Declaration of Western Australia Senators deferred

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has deferred the formal declaration for the six Senators for Western Australia.

  • Was Sir Robert Menzies – a conservative or a small ‘l’ liberal?

    With the 70th anniversary of the modern Liberal Party a little over a year away, we could see the debate about the political legacy of the party’s principal architect intensify.

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