Friday 28th November, 2014

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  • Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s statement – the death of Phillip Hughes

    Statement by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

  • Family First’s Bob Day moves to block student debt interest rate hike

    Family First Senator Bob Day has moved to block the Government’s attempt to raise the interest rate on university student debt, saying the policy had been universally rejected.

  • ACL calls on the Coalition to vote as a block to preserve the definition of marriage

    The Australian Christian Lobby has called on the Liberal party room to uphold the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

  • “Real leadership is fearless leadership” – Cory Bernardi reviews new book

    Senator Cory Bernardi writes that this week he picked up a book that he could scarcely put down until he’d read all 266 pages. It was Fearless Leadership by American author Carey Lohrenz.

  • Germany planning to withdraw from binding 2020 climate targets?

    The Global Warming Policy Forum has posted a report from Spiegel Online that the German coalition government “is planning to withdraw from its 2020 climate change goals”.

  • The billions spent on climate research need re-direction

    Governments are running huge deficits, but still spend billions on climate research, the benefits of which are hard to find, Viv Forbes writes.

  • Why establishment conservatism has largely lost the Culture Wars

    “Much of what can be described as the “establishment conservative” mainstream appears to have effectively capitulated to the idea that so-called “progressive” initiatives are historically inevitable,” writes Edwin Dyga.

  • “I am a conservative. Family First is a conservative party,” Sen. Bob Day says

    “To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, ‘Only progressives become old fashioned, conservatives are always in fashion.’ Conservatives acknowledge the achievements of previous generations. They are realists,” Senator Bob Day said in his First Speech in the Senate yesterday.

  • Viv Forbes: Adapting to the ever-changing environment is the key to survival

    Preservationists think that the human species should exert herculean efforts to preserve every dying species. Attempting to preserve environments of the past, they lock up land, sea and mineral resources, prohibit development and oppose water conservation.

  • Liberal Democrats and Family First help to torpedo tax hikes

    Senator David Leyonhjelm and Senator Bob Day are celebrating an early win in the Senate today, torpedoing proposed tax hikes that would have cost most taxpayers $80 a year each from 1 July 2015.

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