Friday 9th October, 2015 Australia/Sydney

Australian Conservative

Who will hire these redundant left wing journalists?

Fairfax Media is about to slash 550 jobs “as it struggles to contain costs following its merger last year with Rural Press.” Staff will be shed across the organisation, and a number of journalists will be on the street. Where will the displaced seek new employment?

One of the first to go was Age editor-in-chief Andrew Jaspan (pictured) who, after taking over four years ago, moved the paper further to the left.

The staff are warning that the move will jeopardise the quality (sic) of the organisation’s editorial output. This means we will have to contend with a lower grade of left wing journalism.

Of course, they could pool their payouts and start a real workers’ collective, a print version of the ABC, and maybe resurrect the Bulletin, or those short-lived titles The Eye and The Republican. This would take guts, unless, of course, they could rekindle the interest of the ALP in a taxpayer-funded national newspaper. Rudd may need all the help he can get in 2009 or 2010.

Short of that, the Australian Conservative has come up with a list of possibilities. We don’t know if there’s anything going at these organisations but, hey, it’s worth sending in a resume and having a shot. We’re simply glad to help.

1. ABC.
2. SBS.
3. The Big Issue.
3. The Monthly.
4. Green Left Weekly.
5. ALP/Greens staff.
6. Journalism department, UTS.
7. Al-Jazeera.
8. Australian Conservation Foundation.
9. Climate Institute.
10. Greenpeace.
11. ACTU (or any of its affiliates).
12. Palestine Solidarity Movement.
13. GetUp.
14. Researcher for Julian Burnside.
15. Researcher for Malcolm Fraser.
16. Researcher for John Pilger.
17. Rural Australians for Refugees
17. Liberty Victoria (formerly Victorian Council for Civil Liberties)
18. Join the Chaser team.
19. NSW Council for Civil Liberties.
20. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
21. Reconciliation Australia.
22. National Indigenous Times.
23. Womens Electoral Lobby.
24. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby.
25. Keep Left Theatre (the rent-a-crowd crew).
26. Resistance.
27. Venezuelan Embassy.
28. Cuban Embassy.
29. US Democrats Abroad, Australia.
30. The Guardian.
31. The Independent.
32. BBC.
33. Washington Post.
34. And, of course, Crikey.

Good luck, guys.

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