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It’s official – DLP wins Vic Senate seat

The Democratic Labor Party’s John Madigan has won the sixth Victorian Senate seat, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) announced today.

Madigan, Family First’s Steve Fielding and the Liberal Party’s Julian McGauran had been involved in a three-way contest for the sixth seat.

The count for the election of six Senators for Victoria was completed earlier today.

The successful candidates for the six Senate vacancies for Victoria are (in order of their election):

Kim John CARR Australian Labor Party
Michael RONALDSON Liberal/The Nationals
Richard DI NATALE Australian Greens
Stephen Michael CONROY Australian Labor Party
Bridget McKENZIE Liberal/The Nationals
John MADIGAN Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia

The Australian Electoral Officer for Victoria, Mrs Jenni McMullan said that the Senate count had involved the keying-in of votes into a computerised system, and today an automated process was used to distribute preferences and determine the six elected candidates.

“As with all aspects of the count, the automated distribution of preferences undertaken today was open to scrutineers appointed by the candidates,” Jenni said.

“Approximately 97% of voters cast their ballot Above-The-Line on the Senate ballot paper while 3% voted Below-The-Line,” she said.

The successful candidates will be formally declared elected at 10.00am 17 September 2010.

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