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Viv Forbes: adapting to climate is a better policy

“Queensland has wasted millions on the global warming industry. Residents would be better off had they spent it on water storage, flood gauges and flood-proofing of highways, railways and airports,” says Viv Forbes, speaking from his rain sodden property in flood ravaged Queensland.

Forbes is chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, “an Australian organisation that opposes pollution and waste of energy, and promotes rational carbon energy policies”.

“Europe and USA have wasted billions on the global warming industry. Residents would be better off had they spent it on reliable power stations and snow-proofing of highways, railways and airports,” he says.

“Climate change and extreme weather have endangered every generation of humans. But this is the first generation that has sacrificed its savings on the altars of the climate gods instead of preparing for whatever weather shocks we may encounter.

“We can forecast and control the weather,” has always been a false promise Viv Forbes says.

“Sensible people make sure they have the equipment to cope with extreme weather events.”

Fox News has just taken a look at the record of eight climate predictors:

Predicting the weather — especially a decade or more in advance — is unbelievably challenging. What’s the track record of those most worried about global warming? Decades ago, what did prominent scientists think the environment would be like in 2010? has compiled eight of the most egregiously mistaken predictions, and asked the predictors to reflect on what really happened.

Read Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts at FoxNews.

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  1. Dave Wane says:

    Exactly right Viv.

    Even if man-made-climate-change was a reality, surely we should be adapting to – even profitting from any change.

    Instead we are shutting down like a mob of wimps, just because a bunch of unproductive, taxation-consuming, wealth-destroying parasites from thr greens and the ALP say so.

    The blind, sheep-like attitude that most Australians seem to have acquired in recent times is truly disturbing.

    There was a time not all that long ago when we believed in ourselves and trusted our own judgement. Now we buy the latest “snake-oil” without even blinking.

    • NotSoAlarmed says:

      Actually Dave, only some are sheep-like, simply because they are currently apathetic about the issue. This might change when they feel the interference of Govt in their lives through Green initiatives and the carbon tax. Here’s hoping it’s not a boiling frog situation. Some see the absurdity of it all, like when inner city people have tried to suggest the current floods in Qld are due to humans – and then you see the measuring stick showing the last biggest flood was 90 years ago or even earlier. So what cause that then? Tend to see this more with rural people, who have context and stories of previous weather events are told and retold through generations. It gives them a perspective that city dwellers don’t have. Others I feel are just confused about this issue. The propaganda has been relentless, and is ramping up, which either means something is in the wind, or the shift in public opinion has them rattled. They have a tax to give us. Too much money is at stake for too many interested bodies to let this one go.

  2. NotSoAlarmed says:

    Absolutely agree Viv! We should see our climate changing as a natural and inevitable process and spend our resources wisely. The problem is that we have a govt willing to hobble our economy chasing the phantom CO2, the science around which is shaky at best.

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