Sunday 11th October, 2015 Australia/Sydney

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Tune in to conservative radio Monday nights

A reminder that the Carpe Diem program on Sydney radio 88.9 FM goes to air from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm on Mondays nights. The program takes on the PC, managerial, utopic-thinking leftists that dominate the postmodern media scene.

As Luke Torrisi points out, you can listen from anywhere in the world online. (If you hear strange Indian-sounding music on the web, Luke says, be patient and stay tuned – there is a short delay but the program will come on.)

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  1. Listen to it most Mondays……love it!!!! I also listen to Micheal Savage online, he can be very abrasive especially when it comes to fellow conservatives in the media, but on the whole he speaks the truth,

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