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Cancel all the crazy capers and repeal the insane taxes to stop the climate madness

Pretend for a moment that we wanted to forcibly reduce the production of carbon dioxide by Australians.

There are three ways to do it.

The first option is to levy a tax on every tonne of carbon dioxide produced. This assumes that if you tax something, less of it will be produced. This is phase 1 of the Gillard/Greens scheme. Tax payers rate this the “least worst” scheme because it is simple, easily demonised and easily abolished once it becomes obvious that it is achieving no climate benefits at great cost.

A second option is to use ration cards like those used to ration petrol during the war. The quantity of cards issued is set each year and issued to industries favoured by the ruling politicians. The ration cards can be traded in an official market or on the black market. This is phase 2 of the Gillard/Greens scheme. It is greatly favoured by bankers, brokers, traders and speculators.

The third option is the bureaucratic snow job where politicians try to hide the true costs of their carbon phobia under a suffocating blanket of taxes, subsidies, rebates, mandates, quotas and permits designed to apply the death of a thousand cuts to the usage and costs of carbon fuels. The bureaucracy, the lawyers, the Greens and some Liberals favour this scheme.

The worst plan of all is to burden Australia with all three schemes. This is the current climate caper from all parties.

The way out of this mess is repeal, repeal and repeal.

Abolish every policy, tax, subsidy or bureaucracy established during the lunatic phase of climate madness – repeal everything with “carbon”, “clean”, “climate”, “green” or “smart” in its name.

The sky will not fall and our jobs, our industries and all plant life will benefit.

Viv Forbes is chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. He has a degree in Applied Science and has spent his career in the mining, farming, energy and investment industries, with many positions from rouseabout, to investment manager, to chairman of the board. He has lived in Canberra and has worked for state and federal public services. He is now semi-retired. He is a non-executive director of a small Australian coal explorer.

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