Friday 9th October, 2015 Australia/Sydney

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Fabian fantasies drive Gillard Govt’s education bill, Kevin Donnelly says

Dr Kevin Donnelly.

“Those seeking evidence that the Gillard led ALP government is committed to imposing a cultural-left and Asia-centric view of education on every government and non-government school across Australia need to look no further than the Exposure Draft of the Australian Education Bill 2012,” Dr Kevin Donnelly writes.

“The draft bill also reinforces the fears held by non-government schools that any new legislation, due before the end of the year, will undermine their autonomy and deny them the resources needed to ensure their students receive a properly funded education.”

Read Dr Donnelly’s opinion piece at Online Opinion.

Dr Kevin Donnelly is the Director of the Education Standards Institute and also the author of Educating Your Child and Australia’s Education Revolution.

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