Friday 4th September, 2015 Australia/Sydney

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US election “carnival” will, one day, be over for all

Daniel Greenfield writes that the US has just gone through two elections run on the “carnival” principle:

Put up a lot of bright lights, some unusual things for the crowds to gawp at, a few scantily clad ladies of the evening, and a lot of smooth patter, and forget taking any of the issues seriously. Tell jokes, juggle balls and deliver applause lines. And most of all promise the sky while taking the suckers for all they have and will ever have.

… But of course Carny Nation is more than just food stamps and welfare checks. It’s green windmills turning slowly in deserts with no wind. It’s banks licking their lips at carbon taxes and consultants lining up to consult on everything from diversity to sustainability to intangibility.

Read Daniel Greenfield’s commentary on the US election at his bloodspot.

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