Wednesday 23rd April, 2014

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Abbott reiterates Coalition’s plan to stop the boats

Labor’s decision to dismantle the Howard Government’s policies has put the country’s security at risk, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said in a Liberal e-newsletter today.

Tony Abbott wrote:

The latest arrival of two vessels carrying 157 people takes the total number of illegal boats that have arrived on Labor’s watch past 700.

Over 42,000 people have arrived on 700 boats since the Rudd-Gillard Government dismantled the Howard Government’s border protection regime.

Labor’s decision to dismantle the Howard Government’s policies has put our country’s security at risk.

It has cost hundreds of lives lost at sea and resulted in thousands of people entering our communities without rigorous security checks.

It has seen border protection cost blowouts of more than $10 billion for a system that does not work – that’s money which could otherwise fund hospitals, roads and help repay debt.

With an average of 100 people now arriving every day, Australia cannot afford three more years of Labor failure.

If elected, a Coalition Government will take urgent action to stop the boats.

On day one of a Coalition Government, we will begin the work of re-securing our country’s borders.

We will:
• Re-introduce temporary protection visas – and take away the people smugglers’ promise of permanent resettlement and family reunion in Australia.
• Turn boats around where it is safe to do so
• Ensure rigorous offshore processing
• Ensure offshore, special humanitarian visa applicants receive priority in obtaining permanent residency over illegal boat arrivals.
• Work closely with our neighbours to put in place a strong regional deterrence network to stop people coming into the region

I want to assure you that the Coalition will stop the boats.

Stopping the boats is part of our Plan for a safe, secure Australia.

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  1. tongkadi says:

    Well done !! Abbott we need to live in a safe country and a competent Gorvenment to run Australia at all times.

    Come September the 14th…….. It is a pity is not quick enough

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