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Memo Coalition: Minchin says read Taxing Air before committing to Direct Action

Nick Minchin.
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All Coalition MPs should read Taxing Air, Professor Bob Carter and John Spooner’s new book on climate change, before they commit to spending billions of dollars on their so-called Direct Action policy, former Howard Government minister and Senate leader Nick Minchin said last night.

“I also think the Coalition should read this before it commits to the 20 per cent renewable energy target which I think is a complete disaster.”

The former South Australian senator launched the book in Melbourne last night.

Audit the science

“The book is brilliant in demolishing the case for a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme which, to the credit of the Coalition, it is committed to getting rid of. But I do think the Coalition has got to commit to conducting an independent audit of the state of the science on this issue before it implements its alternative climate change policy. And I certainly join with Bob [Carter] in saying that the focus should be on policies committed to adaptation, not to the mitigation of CO2. The book says this well and I’ll just quote briefly from the book:

A responsible national climate policy is one embracing a cost-effective policy of preparation for and response to all climate events and hazards, as and when they develop.

“Just looking at my emails today, that the global warming policy foundation in Britain is making much of the fact that the UK government is releasing this week an official adaptation program, a national adaptation program, on climate which is a terrific breakthrough, given how disappointing the Prime Minister of Britain is,” Minchin said.

Nick Minchin said he had read many books on climate change, but found Taxing Air to be a “stand-out.”

Confronts the dubious claims

“It’s really well structured and it uses the question-and-answer technique, I think, really well. It confronts all the dubious claims that the warmists have put out there in the public arena and frankly, quite dispassionately and objectively destroys the lot of them. And it doesn’t, unlike the warmists, indulge in hyperbole or exaggeration.

“I’d love to see the authors actually send it to every Coalition frontbencher in Canberra and I really think it’s important that this book informs their approach to this issue if they do win, whenever the election now may be,” Minchin said.

Professor Bob Carter said that courtesy of the “magnificent support from the IPA” every senator and MP will be receiving a copy.

“I have to say, they also received a copy of my previous book. I did not get a single enquiry as a result,” Professor Carter said.

More information, including how to order, is available at

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  1. Robbie White says:

    I agree. Tony Abbott and his team should take a serious second look at their policy on carbon abatement. With serious doubts being cast on the theory of anthropogenic caused global warming, it would be wise to take a step back. When the facts change, so must the solutions to a problem.

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